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Everyone agrees that security operations teams are swamped with alerts and events and logs. Yet they still lack the data and intelligence that they really need to investigate alerts, unravel suspicious behaviors, and in the case of a breach, to clean up efficiently.

Before founding SECDO, we worked as security analysts and first responders and we felt that pain first hand.  Just to validate an alert, we needed to manually collect data from the endpoints that were involved, and that took a lot of time. Then we needed to integrate the data into a coherent picture on our own. It was clear that very few people had the skills to do this kind of analysis and that there just had to be a better way. So we set out to develop a platform that would automatically collect the right information and then perform the analysis that is needed at the beginning of every investigation.

The SECDO platform uses patented technology to automatically validate alerts from the SIEM and other detection systems, and eliminate the false positives. In the case of suspicious activity, SECDO visualizes the attack chain timeline and provides deep visibility into all endpoint activities so you can immediately apprehend the story behind the incident including who, what, where, when and how. Then, based on an analysis of exactly how endpoints were compromised, the platform recommends a surgical remediation plan that impacts users as little a possible.

It's our mission to enable security analysts to investigate and remediate incidents efficiently and accurately, without wasting time on false positives, tedious data collection, and complex manual queries.  Request a demo to see how the SECDO platform can change the way you investigate.

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