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The Ultimate List Of Cyber Security Gurus You Should Be Following On Twitter

Twitter has become a really great place to find out cyber security information. You can even get insider views on the types of threats as they happen, as well as trends in the cyber security landscape. Instead of waiting for articles or white papers to be written, you can get on-the-fly notice of events. One perfect example of this, was the Twitter feed of Brian Krebs who has made it onto our list. During the Mirai bot based Dyn attack of last October, Krebs kept everyone up to date with events as they unfolded.

As you may know, Secdo have a philosophy of pre-emptive incident response. Twitter feeds from some of the world’s most informed cyber security guru’s can help in building up knowledge and profiles of cyber security attacks, to help in pre-empting issues.

Our list below, gives you the details of who we believe to be the 15 best gurus to follow on Twitter… In no order of preference, we love and respect them all (almost) equally:


1. Andrew Case @attrc
Number of followers: 15.7K

Andrew is a digital forensics researcher, developer, and trainer; core developer and Director of Research at Volexity, co-author of of the technical forensics analysis book, “The Art of Memory Forensics”, co-developer of Registry Decoder, a National Institute of Justice funded forensics application and co-organizer of BSides New Orleans just to name some of his major accomplishments to date.

In his spare time… His Twitter feed is chock-full of DFIR-related information, @BSidesNola updates and interactions with other major industry influencers.


2. Brian Krebs @briankrebs
Number of followers: 177K

Brian Krebs is an investigative reporter who specialises in cyber crime. He often breaks stories around breaches and because of this he has found himself the target of cybercriminals - in September last year his blog being the victim of a DDoS attack.  Krebs is a prolific tweeter with almost 12,000 tweets. His tweets are an important source of knowledge about cyber security threats, and can be used to build up intelligence to inform incident response.


3.Bruce Schneier @schneierblog
Number of followers: 95.4K

Bruce Schneier is a renowned cyber security guru and cryptographer. He is the go to person on cybersecurity. Schneier has very strong, but informed views, on a  number of cyber security topics, from digital rights management, to human factors in security, and system design. His twitter feed is a great one to follow to get deep knowledge about all aspects of cyber security. He tweets about incident response, and often points to interesting resources. As Schneier points out in one of his tweets:
“The Future of Incident Response: Security is a combination of protection, detection, and response.”


4. Mykko Hypponen @mikko
Number of followers: 151K

Mykko Hypponen is a truly prolific tweeter with almost 40,000 tweets. As Chief Research Officer at security firm F-Secure, he is at the forefront of cyber security threats. Following his tweets can give you a view of where security issues are heading. Hypponen regularly gives updates through his feed on the current threat landscape. He also gives access to videos of keynote speeches he has done on cyber threats and trends.


5. Eugene Kaspersky @e_kaspersky
Number of followers: 160K

Eugene Kaspersky is the CEO of Kaspersky Lab, who are often the first to spot and analyze malware threats. His twitter feed offers his own views on many aspects of cybersecurity. He often links to tech articles and other information outlets, to give you up to date views on current cyber security threats and trends.

"There are a lot of security concerns around routers, and the problem is, there is no liability"


6. Edward Snowden @Snowden
Number of followers: 3 Million

Infamous for his role in the leaking of NSA papers on citizen surveillance. Snowden now keeps a keen and watchful eye on large corporate and government actions around cyber security. He is particularly keen on privacy rights.  It is worth following Snowden’s twitter feed to get insight and information on trending events around privacy and security across the world


7. Graham Cluey @gcluley
Number of followers: 58K

Graham Cluey originally worked as a developer at the old anti-virus firm Dr. Solomon’s. Cluey was voted Twitter user of the year in 2010, and entered the Europe Infosecurity ‘hall of fame’ in 2011. His tweets are a mix of trending cybersecurity events, and fun news about the British TV series, Dr. Who

“Windows zero-day affects 600,000 older servers, but likely won't be patched”


8. Avivah Litan @avivahl
Number of followers: 1,175

Avivah Litan is a VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, specialising in cyber security. Although her Twitter feed is not as active as the others in this list, nonetheless, her 34 years of industry experience shines through. Follow her for deep insights.


9. Kevin Mitnick @kevinmitnick
Number of followers: 195K

Kevin Mitnick is the infamous hacker, arrested in 1995 for unauthorised access to federal computers. He now works in a cyber security consultancy that specializes in penetration testing. Tweets like: “Repeat after me: "If I ever talk to the police without a lawyer, I'm an idiot"” are intermixed with links to useful books, articles and videos on cyber security.


10. The Grugq @thegrugq
Number of followers: 71.5K

The Grugq is a Bangkok based security specialist who is said to act as a broker between hackers and the U.S. government to sell zero day vulnerabilities.
“Give a man an 0day and he'll have access for a day, teach a man to phish and he'll have access for life.”
The Grugq’s tweets are funny, informative and right on track for up to date cyber security issues and threats.


11. Dark Reading @DarkReading
Number of followers: 148K

Dark Reading’s twitter account represents the online magazine of the same name. The magazine is one of the richest sources of information for cyber security professionals. Anyone who works in incident response should have Dark Reading’s Twitter feed on their list of must reads. The feed has up to the minute and breaking news on all things cyber security.


12. John Kindervag @Kindervag
Number of followers: 6,192

John Kindervag has to win the prize for “coolest avatar” of all of our cyber security Twitter guru’s. John Kindervag is the field CTO at Palo Alto Networks. Kindervag tweets about the musings and daily dealings of a CTO working in the field of cyber security.


13. Jeremiah Grossman @jeremiahg
Number of followers: 58K

Jeremiah Grossman is the Chief of Security Strategy at SentinelOne. An ex-hacker, he was also the founder of WhiteHat Security. Grossman has researched a number of novel hacking techniques. It is that type of inside knowledge that makes his Twitter feed so interesting.

“If you could magically make just one never-ending InfoSec debate go away forever, which would it be?25%Certifications
28%Vulnerability Disclosure
26%Open vs Closed Source”


14. Anton Chuvakin @anton_chuvakin
Number of followers: 20.9K

Dr. Anton Chuvakin, originally a physicist, is now a Research VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. He specialises in SIEM, log analysis, and computer forensics. His feed is full of witty comments, but more importantly for incident response, it has up to the minute information on cyber security incidents and trends.


15. Katie Moussouris @k8em0
Number of followers: 33.1K

Katie Moussouris is the founder and CEO of Luta Security who specialise in vulnerability disclosure. Moussouris is a popular tweeter who puts focus on white-hat hacking and diversity within STEM. She is also at the cutting edge of vulnerability disclosure and a must read for anyone working in incident response.


Being at the ready for cyber security incidents, means having up-to-date information at your fingertips. Following our list of security gurus should go some way towards keeping you informed and getting your team ready for a pre-emptive incident response.


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