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SECDO Musings RSA 2016 - Not Enough Talent, Too Many Alerts

The SECDO team just returned from the annual RSA conference in San Francisco and we wanted to share their thoughts on the event.

SECDO's reflections from RSA 2016:


"It was great to see our customers and partners in person and spend quality time with them. Overall, the theme of this year's conference was the challenge of hiring great talent to manage all of the cyber security products. As the CEO of a company, I can relate to the challenge of hiring and retaining great talent." - Shai Morag, Co-Founder and CEO, SECDO 



"My conversations with Fortune 500 executives reaffirmed our understanding of how the SECDO platform answers the needs of the understaffed SOCs. There is a major shortage of qualified security analysts to analyze the tremendous number of alerts and investigate suspicious behaviors. SECDO automatically validates and scores alerts, and flags the false positives, so the SOC team can focus their energy on investigating truly suspicious behaviors." Gil Barak, Co- Founder and CTO, SECDO



"Throughout my conversations with executives, there was one common theme that kept popping up. Executives are frustrated with niche security products - too many products only offering one feature, high cost to integrate and maintain and the scarcity of talent to manage the security products. Over and over I heard how refreshing it was to meet with a cybersecurity company that was not offering a niche solution - but one that targeted a larger problem - alert fatigue and limited SOC resources. SECDO simplifies the investigation process and reduces the amount of expertise required by automatically visualizing the attack chain across the enterprise." Zion Zatlavi, Director of Sales, SECDO


See you all at RSA 2017!

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