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MSSPs are Leading the Way on Advanced Threat Protection

Recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan estimates the North American MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers) market to reach $3.25 billion in 2018. More and more businesses are turning to MSSPs to alleviate the pressures they face daily. Originally only small to medium sized enterprises, companies with either financial or human resource constraints, outsourced their security to MSSPs. But today, it’s one of the fastest growing sectors in the area of cybersecurity, powering 24/7, in-depth threat detection and response for organizations of all sizes.

Even the Largest Enterprises are Looking to MSSPs

The complexity and focus of recent cyber attacks has highlighted the need for a highly skilled team of experts in the Security Operations Center (SOC) to manage both ongoing operations and to handle incidents. Traditionally, MSSPs have offered a degree of proactive, round-the-clock monitoring of the customer’s security environment along with management of traditional security products, patches and upgrades, assessments and security audits. Today, MSSPs are expanding their offerings to include advanced threat protection, incident investigation and response, and forensics. They are offering a variety of business models including Outsourced SOC and Remote SOC services. The combination of expert teams and a complete service offering have contributed to the fact that a growing percentage of MSSP business is now coming from very large enterprises.

APTs and “Advanced Non-Persistent Threats”

Another driver for the uptake in outsourcing the SOC is the prevalence of APTs and other targeted attacks. Since the goal of an APT is to remain undetected, for a long period of time, and steal data, they go to great lengths to avoid detection. The newest generation of “Advanced Non Persistent Threat” uses stealth tactics to enter and exit the organization repeatedly, to thwart attempts to detect persistence. These new threats are so difficult to detect, prevent, or eradicate that even large companies with strong IT organizations just don’t have the capability or capacity, and are outside for specialists.

To meet demand MSSPs are expanding their Cyber Threat Detection and Remediation services. In fact, much of the anticipated market growth in the MSSP sector will be driven by emerging threat detection, analysis, investigation, and remediation services.

SECDO for MSSP – Powering the Next Generation of Services

SECDO enables MSSPs to provide new, high-value services that enable them to differentiate from the competition and drive growth, including Advanced Threat Protection and Remediation. SECDO MSSP provides automated alert validation, investigation and remediation capabilities. The platform dramatically improves the efficiency of the SOC by automatically validating alerts from the SIEM using unique thread-level endpoint activity data to identify false positives and prioritize true positives.

Investigate More Alerts, Don’t Waste Time on False Positives

With SECDO, MSSPs can handle the thousands of alerts that they receive each day, while meeting ever-more competitive SLAs for their customers. SECDO’s interactive data visualization technology enables SOC analysts to understand the “who, what, where, when, and how” of every incident by showing the entire attack chain timeline back to the root cause, and enabling first and second tier analysts to easily investigate and respond to threats without having to escalate to a higher tier.

SEDCO Technology Goes Deep

When an in-depth investigation is required, SECDO provides multi-dimensional, interactive search capabilities that can reduce hundreds of manual queries into a single visual search. SECDO’s Platform for MSSPs uses disruptive thread-level endpoint intelligence and causality analysis technologies to give service providers unprecedented visibility into their customer’s environment. With SECDO, MSSPs can now offer the advanced threat protection, incident investigation and forensics services that are necessary to stay ahead in the security marketplace.

Learn more about SECDO for MSSP by downloading the MSSP Data Sheet or by scheduling  a demo today.

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