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Let's Talk About Alert Fatigue

To cope with the growing sophistication of cyber threats, enterprises are implementing a multi-layered approach to security. These layers of protection and detection are making it more challenging for hackers to complete their mission, but at a price to the enterprise - alert fatigue.

Security operations teams are inundated with alerts each day via individual detection systems or a SIEM platform.  Many of those alarms are false positive, but the only way to find out is to investigate.  Using today's tools, investigating an alert is not trivial even for a skilled professional. It's a painstaking process of gathering information and piecing together a chain of events that can take hours. The result is that it's often not possible to investigate every lead. Time is wasted on false positives and worst of all, real breaches go undetected.  The breaches at Target and at the US OPM are just two headline-grabbing examples of breaches that were flagged by detection systems, but not investigated soon enough.

To identify and eradicate breaches as quickly as possible, security operations teams need a better solution for investigating and remediating that includes:

  • Simplifying the investigation process and cutting down on the amount of expertise that's needed
  • Improving the quality and accuracy of investigations by giving SOC teams the visibility they need into endpoint and server activity
  • Getting rid of alert fatigue and putting an end to "alert triage" by automatically validating alerts
  • Speeding up and simplifying remediation with a clear picture of exactly how endpoints and servers were affected
  • Cutting down on post-breach forensics by proactively gathering the information that's needed
  • Maintaining long-term visibility into all activities on every endpoint and server

The SECDO product is designed to address these needs by combining several key technologies into one integrated platform that provides visual investigation, automatic validation, and precise remediation - all based on deep visibility into endpoint and server activity.  Contact us for a live demo.

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