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Boosting MSSP Profitability With Preemptive Incident Response

Vicious new strains of cyber attacks are shaking existing cyber security foundations to the core. Recent ransomware attacks affected leading organizations such as the NHS, FedEx and US Homeland Security in scores of countries. Cyber attackers of unprecedented sophistication are clearly lurking behind every vulnerable endpoint. Sadly, traditional incident response methods are incapable of resisting repeated onslaughts of increasing severity.

With as many as 88% of chief information security officers (CISOs) in the UK
admitting that known data breaches haven’t even been addressed and the added fact that more than a quarter of data breach incidents in 2016 took at least one month for companies to discover, it is clear that incident response must be rethought, fundamentally and quickly.

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Traditional Incident Response Fails to Meet Changing Needs 

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are facing ever-growing challenges in their efforts to provide effective security services, compounded by the fact that traditional incident response methods are prohibiting efficiency due to various weaknesses: 

  • Dependency on manual SOC teams overwhelmed by a huge volume of daily alerts
  • Prolonged dwell times necessary to collect data, determine context and accurately assess damage
  • Lack of highly skilled analysts to accurately identify breaches
  • Enforced endpoint/server downtimes to enable in-depth investigation
  • Inability to prevent future attacks due to limited endpoint visibility


Zero-gap Endpoint Visibility to Fight Evolving Dangers 

Old-school incident response methods leave MSSPs unequipped to provide their customers the protection, detection and IR management they require. New ways to boost endpoint security, scale operations, improve service levels, enrich product offerings and multiply resource density are always high in demand.  

Preemptive incident response is the game changer every MSSP needs. It eliminates the guesswork and enables organizations to effectively neutralize unprecedented endpoint challenges in a timely fashion.

MSSPs obtain unmatched visibility and understanding of the full extent of events occurring within their client’s operational systems. They can easily:

  • Collect and organize forensic data from endpoints, automatically organizing it into causality chains.
  • Accurately identify and analyze alerts, correlating them with endpoint/server data to reveal end-to-end context of incidents.
  • Surgically remediate threats through remote, real-time response to security incidents without impacting on business productivity.
  • Boost security levels against future threats by addressing gaps discovered in security procedures.
  • Ensure security compliance and adherence to other regulations through accelerated breach notification with full audit and damage assessment.


Intelligently Meeting Growing Threats

By opting for preemptive incident response, MSSPs can achieve increased profitability and greater scalability thanks to quicker response rates, enhanced service levels, productive handling of more alerts in less time, reduced response times, and accelerated investigation processes.   

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